Sacred Ground-the Great Outpouring ​ Murshida Darvesha Victoria​ & Murshid Allaudin Ottinger

​Asheville, NC  October 16,17,18  2015​
​Sufi retreat with Dances of Universal Peace, Ziraat, Zikr​
  Sufi stories and practices​

 Deeply Rooted in the Extraordinary, we make our daily lives the practice.

​  ​Celebrating the Legacy and Birthday of Murshid SAM​
 Save the Dates  Details to follow​







Pir Shabda Kahn Raga Concert and Sufi Retreat Asheville, NC March 20-22 2015

Awakening Joy and Compassion:

Integrating Limitless Freedom with the Impermanence of Everyday Life

 An incredible opportunity to hear Pir Shabda in Concert singing Classical Indian Vocals accompanied by Master Sarangi musician, Pandit Ramesh Misra.

Then a weekend  of deep communion and practice awakening more profoundly to our true nature that is divine and unified.  We Dance, chant and remember who we are together!

Awakening Asheville 9.14

Raga Concert Flyer