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Friday Nov 7, 2014 Columbia DUP

After dancing, we socialize over refreshments.  Small donations accepted.  For more info, contact Marguerite <>, 803-743-0731.

Peace and Blessings,

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************ UPCOMING EVENTS *************
Future Columbia Dances of Universal Peace are on First Fridays.  Unless otherwise noted, the location is 3600 Beverly Drive [see directions below,] Columbia SC 29204. [Our alternate location, for large events, is UUCC.]

9/5/14 3600
10/3/14 3600
11/7/14 3600
12/5/14 3600
January 2015 NO DANCE
*Directions for finding 3600 Beverly Drive
Coming from Forest = SC Rte 12, turn North = uphill onto Beltline = SC Rte 16, and take the 5th right onto BEVERLY DRIVE.

Coming from the SOUTH on Beltline = SC Rte 16, go North across Forest = SC Rte 12, then take the 5th right onto BEVERLY DRIVE.

Coming from the NORTH on Beltline = SC16, Covenant is first stoplight after 2-Notch = US Rte 1, then comes Craig also with a stoplight. BEVERLY DRIVE is the 3rd Left after Craig.

Directions after you find BEVERLY DRIVE:
We are only about a block from Beltline = SC Rte 16, so go slow and look for the brick mailbox on the right; ours is the NEXT house on the right = 6th house on R from Beltline = 3600 Beverly Drive, Columbia SC 29204. Park on street, and come on in!

‘Lanterns hang from the night sky so that your eye might draw one more image of love upon your silk canvas before sleep.  Words from Him have reached you and tilled a golden field inside. When all your desires are distilled you will cast just two votes: To love more, And be happy.
Take the sounds from the mouth – flute of Hafiz and mix them into your seed pouch.  And when the Moon says, “It is time to Plant,” why not dance, Dance and Sing? ‘
-Hafiz ‘s “Your Seed Pouch, ” p 41 in The Gift, Poems by Hafiz, Translated by Daniel Ladinsky, 1999 Penguin, New York 333 pp.