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Dancing in the Dharma with Tansen Philip O’Donohoe March 23-25 2018 Asheville NC

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 “Let the mind go, let the heart come.” 

Murshid SAM

Dear Companions,

This is a special invitation to join the circle when Tansen Philip O'Donohoe comes to town.  We know very well what it is to let the mind go and let the heart come.  How beautiful to have the support of our beautiful sangha and Tansen for this deep practice and sharing.  My hope is that you all will give this gift to yourself.  Please see the attached text and flyer for details.  I want to encourage you to register as an "early bird" as soon as you can.

Looking forward to Seeing you in the Dance!             

Tarana heart                                        



Dancing in the Dharma:


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