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Dancing with Mary Magdalene in 2020

(See all details in attached flyer)
SATURDAY, MARCH 21 (Greenville, SC area)
An afternoon workshop experiencing the Lenten season with Dancing with Mary Magdalene, celebrating the anniversary of the first dances inspired by
Miriam of Magdala.
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FRIDAY-SUNDAY, July 17-19 (Greenville, SC area)
12th Annual Dancing with Mary Magdalene Retreat!
The Divine Union:  Finding the natural balance of the masculine and feminine through Yeshua and Maryam
Mary's Saying #239 – "There is a mystery to be played out through manhood and womanhood; yet, truly, I tell you, it is concealed by male and female."
For more information, contact Amina Linda McMakin
(864)787-2871 –