Cola Dances of Universal Peace Friday August 1

Dear Peace Dancers,
Hope you have been having a wonderful summer, with time for fun in the sun, family, and doing some new things.

However if our time is overly full and we long for serenity, Rumi says this to us: “There is a glut of wealth in the City of Saba.  Everyone has more than enough. No one has to do anything. … Everyone is fat and satiated with all the extra.  There are no robbers.  There is no energy for crime, or for gratitude, and no one wonders about the unseen world. …This overrichness is a subtle disease.  Those who have it are blind to what’s wrong and deaf to anyone who points it out. … But there is a cure, an individual medicine … : sit quietly and listen for a voice within that will say, ‘Be more silent.’  As that happens, your soul starts to revive.  Give up talking and your positions of power. …Turn toward teachers and prophets who don’t live in Saba.  They can help you grow sweet again and fragrant and wild and fresh and thankful for any small event.” -excerpt from Rumi’s “The City of Saba, pp 64-65 in Coleman Barks 2001 The Soul of Rumi, Harper San Francisco, 425 pp.

You are cordially invited to our small Peace Dance event on Friday August 1, 7-9 pm at 3600 Beverly Drive, Columbia SC 29204 [see directions* below.] Our usual leaders [who are not from Saba!] will teach and lead walks of the sun and moon, as well as dances inspired by different spiritual traditions. Walks and dances are practices that help us realize our connection to the “sweet fragrant wild freshness” of the One. We will also share some prayers and blessings.

After dancing, we socialize over refreshments.  Small donations accepted.  For more info, contact Marguerite <>, 803-743-0731.

Peace and Blessings,

DUP North America website,

************ UPCOMING EVENTS *************
Future Columbia Dances of Universal Peace are on First Fridays.  The usual location is 3600 Beverly Drive [see directions below,] Columbia SC 29204.  Our alternate location is UUCC.

8/1/14 3600 Beverly Drive
9/5/14 3600 Beverly Drive
10/3/14 3600 Beverly Drive
11/7/14 3600 Beverly Drive
12/5/14 3600 Beverly Drive

*Directions for finding 3600 Beverly Drive
Coming from Forest = SC Rte 12, turn North = uphill onto Beltline = SC Rte 16, and take the 5th right onto BEVERLY DRIVE.

Coming from the SOUTH on Beltline = SC Rte 16, go North across Forest = SC Rte 12, then take the 5th right onto BEVERLY DRIVE.

Coming from the NORTH on Beltline = SC16, Covenant is first stoplight after 2-Notch = US Rte 1, then comes Craig also with a stoplight. BEVERLY DRIVE is the 3rd Left after Craig.

Directions after you find BEVERLY DRIVE:
We are only about a block from Beltline = SC Rte 16, so go slow and look for the brick mailbox on the right; ours is the NEXT house on the right = 6th house on R from Beltline = 3600 Beverly Drive, Columbia SC 29204. Park on street, and come on in!

Dance News Update

The Dances of Universal Peace in Greenville are taking a break for the summer. We'll be back Sunday, Sept. 21, with our monthly Dance at Unity Church. For regional dance news go to Our schedule for the rest of the year is attached.



Sufi Healing Service

TUESDAY, JULY 15 and AUGUST 19 - Healing Ritual of Hazrat Inayat Khan,
203 Willimon Dr., Piedmont, SC. 2:00-3:00 p.m.
This monthly service, led by Amina Linda McMakin and Noorunnissa Nancy Schlessel, is an interspiritual absent healing ritual with prayers for people who are not present. Names of people submitted must have requested healing prayers and should include first, last, and middle names if known. For more information about this service, directions, or to include a name for our list if you can't be with us, please contact Nancy Noor at 352-650-2931 or email Please RSVP if coming.

Dances of Universal Peace in Asheville

Asheville–Shemsuddin’s dance is taking a break in August. Starting in September, Shems will be leading Dances of Universal Peace on the 3rd Saturday of the month at Nourish & Flourish, 347 Depot Street, in the River Arts District of Asheville, 7:30-9:30 pm. The next dance circle led by Shems will be the evening of Saturday, September 21st.

Shemsuddin – Asheville – Feb 23, 2013

7:30pm. Shemsuddin will lead an evening of dances at Nourish and Flourish, 347 Depot Street, Asheville, in the River Arts District. $10 requested donation. Call Prajna for more information. This dance continues monthly, each fourth Saturday. NOTE the previously announced Feb. 23 all-day event by Shemsuddin has been postponed.