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Columbia Dances are on Friday 11/7/14


Hafiz has wise advice for us during election season, and beyond.  He said, “There is A madman inside you Who is always running for office- Why vote him in, For he never keeps the accounts straight. He gets all kinds of crooked deals Happening all over town That will just give you a big headache And glue to your kisser A gigantic Confused Frown.”
[Crooked Deals, p.108 in The Gift, Poems by Hafiz Translated by Daniel Ladinsky, 1999, Penguin.]

No matter who gets voted in, Dances of Universal Peace offers us a tranquil time in which to relax and straighten out our inner madman, relieve headaches, dispel confusion, and smile.  Please join us at the Dances next Friday, November 7 from 7-9 pm at 3600 Beverly Drive, Columbia SC.  Our usual leaders will teach and lead dances inspired by different spiritual traditions.  Each dance is a practice that helps us vote for peace and healing, in ourselves and in our world.  We will also share some prayers and blessings.

After dancing, we socialize over refreshments.  Small donations accepted.  For more info, contact Marguerite <>, 803-743-0731.

Peace and Blessings,

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************ UPCOMING EVENTS *************
Future Columbia Dances of Universal Peace are on First Fridays.  Unless otherwise noted, the location is 3600 Beverly Drive, Columbia SC 29204; see directions* below.  Our alternate location, for large events, is UUCC at Heyward and Woodrow.

11/7/14 3600
12/5/14 3600
January 2015 NO DANCE
*Directions for finding 3600 Beverly Drive
Coming from Forest = SC Rte 12, turn North = uphill onto Beltline = SC Rte 16, and take the 5th right onto BEVERLY DRIVE.

Coming from the SOUTH on Beltline = SC Rte 16, go North across Forest = SC Rte 12, then take the 5th right onto BEVERLY DRIVE.

Coming from the NORTH on Beltline = SC16, Covenant is first stoplight after 2-Notch = US Rte 1, then comes Craig also with a stoplight. BEVERLY DRIVE is the 3rd Left after Craig.

Directions after you find BEVERLY DRIVE:
We are only about a block from Beltline = SC Rte 16, so go slow and look for the brick mailbox on the right; ours is the NEXT house on the right = 6th house on R from Beltline = 3600 Beverly Drive, Columbia SC 29204. Park on street, and come on in!

Abraham and Halima Sussman, Sept 27-28 in Asheville

“A Heart With Wings” retreat with Abraham and Halima Sussman, Sept 27-28 in Asheville. Halima & Abraham are senior teachers and dance mentors in the Sufi Ruhaniat International. Inspired musicians, travelers on the path of Heart, they bring joy and clarity to companions along the way. Their depth and compassion arises from a lifetime of integrating spiritual practice and psychological exploration of the human condition. ** Jubilee Community Church, 46 Wall St, Asheville NC 28801 Friday Eve Sept 27th 7pm-9pm($15), Saturday Sept 28th 10am-5pm($55) Saturday Eve Zikr 7pm-8:30pm($10) Entire program $75

Register: Linda Wesley,

pdf iconA Heart with Wings Retreat Sept 2013.pdf

Dances of Universal Peace in Asheville

Asheville–Shemsuddin’s dance is taking a break in August. Starting in September, Shems will be leading Dances of Universal Peace on the 3rd Saturday of the month at Nourish & Flourish, 347 Depot Street, in the River Arts District of Asheville, 7:30-9:30 pm. The next dance circle led by Shems will be the evening of Saturday, September 21st.

Shemsuddin – Asheville – Feb 23, 2013

7:30pm. Shemsuddin will lead an evening of dances at Nourish and Flourish, 347 Depot Street, Asheville, in the River Arts District. $10 requested donation. Call Prajna for more information. This dance continues monthly, each fourth Saturday. NOTE the previously announced Feb. 23 all-day event by Shemsuddin has been postponed.